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Student's Thesis


Cuong Nguyen

The B787-9 Dreamliner is the latest extension to Boeing’s super-efficient 787 family. The new aircraft can fly farther, and with more passengers and more cargo, than the B787-8 - but with the same exceptional environmental performance: 20 per cent less fuel usage and 20 per cent fewer emissions than the aircraft it will replace. The aircraft will feature a full master suite (including master bedroom, master bathroom, and office), bar/kitchen, state room, lounge, guess suites, guest bathrooms, cinema/conference room, and lavatories. Passengers will also benefit from larger windows and stow bins, modern LED lighting, higher humidity and cleaner air, lower cabin pressure and a smoother, quieter ride. Vietnam Airlines will also put to the test to develop in-flight WiFi on its new Boeing 787-9 with desire to bring more convenience to customers.


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