Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Course Description

This course studies the technical and creative concepts of light and color for interior spaces.  Human factors, space planning, materials specification and the behavior of light and color are explored.  Energy efficiency and maintenance issues are also studied.  Projects focus on development of interior lighting plans and specifications.

Lighting Sculpture

In interior Design, vision is an important factor in the recognition of space. Light plays an important factor in the perception of space. The intention of this project is to create a lighting feature that highlights the main core ideas reflection, angular planes, and geometrical shapes.

Since reflection is a new phenomenon pertaining to the perception of space. The model is to light up and illuminate from in within. The facets are to be laced with highly reflective material. By controlling the geometries of the angular planes visual reflection is to be induced creating shadows to surrounding.


·  Students will be provided the opportunity to test their maximum level of their creativity and their design intention. Designer are testing their ability to design a fixture that has no limitation of design intention.

· This will provide student the opportunity to investigate the best possible lighting option for their specific luminaires that meet project-specific parameters. 

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